Anniversary Agent, which produces luxurious abroad weddings and MICE projects at luxury hotels, residences, and wineries in Europe and Asia for wealthy-class men, will start selling “Sustainable Okinawa Mice.Wedding.” The target users are wealthy foreign couples.

The COVID-19 pandemic seems settled, and people started to travel abroad freely. The main concept of “Sustainable Okinawa Mice.Wedding” is “The connection between human and human, humans and the world, and humans and nature.”

We do not offer plans like a typical resort wedding at a beautiful white chapel by the ocean. The wedding will take place at a symbolic location of Sustainable Okinawa, such as Daisekirinzan or Valley of Gangala. Here, we offer wedding plans in the dynamic nature of Okinawa. Nature is sacred, and the couple holds a wedding ceremony under the Gajumaru tree in Okinawa. The spirit of a god dwells in the tree, nurtured for a long time.

Also, Okinawa has popular sightseeing spots that fully gather the blessings of nature, such as Okinawa World and DMM Kariyushi Aquarium. We will reserve the whole facility for your private event. This entertaining wedding plan treats guests with a party and sightseeing in Okinawa at the same time.

Moreover, the collaboration plan with Harley-Davidson® Okinawa or the Italian truffle brand expresses the essence of our company concept, “Man Manages the Wedding.” We use the Harley-Davidson for the wedding photographs, and a luxury fashion shop will arrange your style. An Italian-style party in which the groom wears an apron and serves guests fresh truffles would also be an excellent plan. There are some life events where the groom can be the king. It should be acceptable in this genderless era.

We have shown wedding party examples so far. Still, we also have “managed-by-men” MICE plans that are exciting for all attendees. Your MICE or wedding would be a fantastic luxury event never held in Okinawa.

Our focused foreign customers are couples in East Asia. The central target is the wealthy class in China, Hong Kong, and Taiwan, but we also plan to include India. Indian people are known for holding big wedding parties. It is a one-and-only event for couples, and foreign weddings are becoming popular among them. We are already starting negotiations with some travel agencies that can satisfy their demands.

We requested to compose a theme song for “Sustainable Okinawa Mice.Wedding” to Jumpei Yamakawa. He is a singer-songwriter based in Yambaru, Okinawa, promoting Shimauta, traditional Okinawan songs, to the world. He also works as a staff member of Daisekirinzan. He made a beautiful song called “Green Room,” the image of which came from the color of Okinawa.

Please have an extraordinary time at the wedding or MICE in Okinawa with a fantastic theme song.

Anniversary Agent will try to offer more exceptional life events that only the wealthy class can hold.


The location is in Yambaru National Park, near Cape Hedo, the northernmost point of Okinawa Island. The limestone rock formed in the ocean came out to the ground surface by diastrophism. You will be overwhelmed by the beauty of form and the powerful energy of nature. Ryukyuan mythology says that a god came down to this place. Therefore, it is known as a spiritual place in Northern Okinawa.

Valley of Gangala

It is a valley made when a limestone cave collapsed hundreds of thousands of years ago, and a subtropical forest was formed there over a long time. A river flows, and plants such as banyan trees and bishop woods have grown thickly. Tools and human bone fossils from approximately 20,000 years ago were discovered, and the excavation is still in progress as a valuable ruin. It is a special place where you can experience the journey to feel the mystery of life.

Okinawa World

It is one of the largest amusement parks in Okinawa based on the concept of expressing Okinawa’ s nature, history, and culture. Many fun attractions are waiting for you, such as a limestone cave, a Ryukyu Kingdom castle town where you feel like traveling back in time, and the Super Eisa Show, an arranged performance of traditional Okinawan dance. Weddings and MICEs are offered by customer request.

DMM Kariyushi Aquarium

It is a new type of entertaining aquarium using the newest visual technologies and space performance. There is a spot where you can project your memorable video on a virtual aquarium. No other aquariums in Okinawa can provide excitement using all five senses this much. The access is also a good point here; it takes only 20 minutes by car from Naha Airport. Weddings and MICEs are offered by customer request.

Harley-Davidson® Okinawa

It is the only Harley-Davidson specialty store in Okinawa. Besides motorcycle sales, they offer rental services that we could use for wedding photography. A luxury fashion shop will arrange your outfit and accessories according to your photo image, which will become your favorite memory. You may also go on Okinawa touring with the photographer and take photos at various locations.

Fresh Truffle

It is one of the prominent truffle companies in Europe. They partner with Savini Tartufi, a company based in Tuscany, Italy. We will deliver the freshest truffles with a rich smell from Italy to the wedding party in Okinawa. A surprise performance by the groom slicing truffles in front of the guests will be an exciting moment of the party.

Profile of Jumpei Yamakawa

Born in Kunigami Village, Okinawa, Japan. A singer-songwriter. He formed a band, “The Lequio,” with Yanbarar Miyagi and later started his solo project. Currently, he is wearing two hats: as a staff member of Daisekirinzan, telling people about the strength of Okinawa’ s nature, and as a musician based in Yambaru, his beloved hometown. He is a father of three children and an experienced person in married life.


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